Startups need growth to survive.

Most importantly, they need consistent, sustainable, and predictable growth.

We help make that happen.

Optimist is a marketing agency that specializes in startup growth. Through strategic content marketing and SEO, we help startups build a consistent pipeline of relevant traffic and fill the funnel with qualified leads and prospects.

We’ve worked with dozens of startups and growth-stage companies to build a sustainable, organic growth model. Our expertise comes from decades of experience in strategic content marketing and no-bullshit, content-driven SEO.

Our targeted, organic traffic has grown nearly 70X since we started working together and continues to compound every single week.

Eric, CEO, Propeller

Proven Experts on Startup Content Marketing & Growth

Our team has decades of combined experience in building and growing startups.

We’ve helped companies in a huge range of different industries and verticals, including:

  • Sales technology
  • Support automation/AI
  • Consumer financial tech
  • Healthcare
  • Digital transformation / workflow automation
  • Operations and productivity

Case Study: 0 to 100k/mo Organic Traffic (In About 1 Year)

Learn the content marketing and SEO strategy used to help a startup scale from 0 to over 1 million users in about a year.
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Scalable Content & SEO Strategies

Optimist is a content marketing agency.

We believe in the power of kick-ass content and smart strategy. Our approach is a blend between traditional inbound marketing and proactive, outbound content promotion and distribution.

We don’t believe in the “blog and pray” model. Instead, we have a 2-step approach:

  1. Create kick-ass content
  2. Show it to the right people

This may seem like a simple process, but it holds a lot of nuance about how successful content marketing and SEO works in 2020.

First of all, creating kick-ass content is about understanding the audience that you’re reaching, their goals, and where they live. What kind of content are they interested in? What problems can you solve for them?

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for creating great content. It takes understanding, experience, and insight.

Secondly, showing it to the right people means a whole slew of different things. It could be seeking out a key audience through social or community channels where they already exist. Or, it may mean sending personalized outreach emails to relevant influencers or journalists.

But, content without the right promotion, outreach, or distribution is just worthless.

We go beyond just creating great content–we put it work. Every piece has a job and together, it forms a strategy that achieves growth.

“Optimist is the best content marketing agency for startups, period. I’ve hired them at two companies because they’re experts at combining content and SEO into a strategy that drives real growth.”

Tiffaney, VP Marketing, Stampli

You won’t find any black-hat “SEO stuff” here.

Just proven, content-driven strategies that help grow traffic, fill the funnel, and scale user growth.

Working Together to Achieve Sustainable Startup Growth

Our goal is to be a marketing partner with all of our clients. We can’t achieve overnight results, so we’re focused on building a long-term relationship on the basis of mutual trust and respect, repeatable processes, scalable strategies, and consistent results.

We work as an extension of your startup team, bringing a full range of skills and experience.

In the typical engagement, our team will own every part of your content marketing strategy: 

Scope of Work

  • Research, strategy, and competitive analysis
  • Ongoing content management
  • Writing and editing
  • Design, data visualization, sourced photography
  • Content promotion (non-paid)
  • Community outreach
  • Content syndication
  • Linkbuilding

We can work in collaboration with your existing marketing team or work autonomously, giving you a single point of contact.

Is Optimist the Content Marketing Agency for You?

Have you ever worked with someone and things just weren’t going right? Maybe the communication wasn’t working or you didn’t feel like you were in sync about what you’re actually trying to accomplish?

Yeah, we hate that feeling.

Our entire company is built around our values–finding a good fit and doing right by people.

Because of that, we value our client relationships above all else. We come into every engagement wanting to know first and foremost if there’s a fit, and secondly, if it makes sense to move forward.

How to know if your startup is a good fit for our services:

We Could Be a Fit

  • You’re looking for long-term, sustainable growth
  • You’re willing to invest in content marketing and SEO over several months or years
  • You have funding or budget to fund an ongoing partnership
  • You want a partner who will own and drive the entire content marketing strategy from planning and content production to outreach and promotion

We’re Probably Not a Fit

  • You want quick, overnight results
  • You’re shopping for low-quality, mass-produced, cheap content
  • Your goal include shady, black/gray-hat, bulk linkbuilding

Let’s chat about working together.

Full-service content marketing starts at $7,000 per month.

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Tyler Hakes
Strategy Director & Principal