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Content Marketing Case Studies

Learn how we’ve applied our thinking, frameworks, and strategies to drive massive growth for startups, scaleups, and even ourselves. Combining decades of experience in content marketing and SEO, we’ve been lucky to work with some amazing clients over the past few years.

Zero to 100k Organic/Month (In About 1 Year)

Learn how we helped an ed-tech startup scale from 0 traffic to over 100,000 organic visits per month—in about 1 year!

“‘Blog and pray’ wasn’t going to be a good approach when I had to talk to the board of directors and investors.”

1,308% Organic Growth in 17 Months

Leading up to their acquisition by DropBox, our team helped HelloSign massively scale inbound traffic and leads.

“We’ve seen major growth in our organic blog traffic and a steep uptick in engagement. Bringing on Optimist has without a doubt allowed us to scale successful content efforts at HelloSign.”

– Claire Murdough, Content Marketing Manager, HelloSign

$1.5 Million in Sales Pipeline in Year 1

Applying our own inbound marketing framework, this is the story of how Optimist built a $1.5MM inbound pipeline in our first year.

“You can blog until you’re blue in the face, but unless you have a strategy for how to drive traffic to that content, you’ll just be wasting time and money.”

757% Growth in Blog Traffic Over 20 Months

Working with Plytix, we’ve been able to nearly 10x their blog traffic in less than 2 years. Content marketing and SEO is now their #1 channel for growth.

“Optimist is a kick-ass partner. They’re a critical part of the Plytix team. They’ve helped us build a predictable growth strategy and turned organic into our #1 channel for traffic and leads.”

– Morten Polsen, CEO, Plytix

5 Months = 145% Growth

As Submittable pursued an aggressive growth strategy in the publishing, higher education, and CSR verticals, they worked with our team to build a comprehensive content marketing and SEO plan.

“Optimist checks all the boxes: Quality, human-first content that gets results, produced by genuinely kind, good-to-work-with humans.”

– Keriann Strickland, Director of Product & Content Marketing, Submittable

100% Growth in Organic Traffic in Just 6 Months

We’ve helped Contentstack become a leader in the Content Experience vertical as the de facto headless CMS for ambitious enterprises.

“The Optimist team has been a critical partner in our growth strategy at Contentstack. They’re truly the best in the content business and like a secret weapon for growth-stage companies.”

– Matthew Baier, CMO & COO, Contentstack

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