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We are a growth-focused SEO and content marketing agency for startups and growth-stage businesses.

Driving Growth from Series A to IPO

SaaS Content Marketing Case Study
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SaaS Content Marketing Case Study
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SaaS Content Marketing Case Study
SaaS Content Marketing Case Study

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Organic Traffic

Maximizing the value of strategic content.

Each piece of content we create is specifically engineered to work within a goals-driven strategy to create results.

The Optimist approach to content marketing includes a strategic mix of content types.

Values Over Everything

Optimist was founded in four core values—and they shape our work and our operations.

Do What’s Right.

Default to honesty and transparency; 100% white-hat tactics centered on creating kick-ass content and showing it to the right people.

Be Human.

Show empathy and create for people first. We work with people, not software. The ideal working arrangement is transparent and interactive—shared Slack channels, open communications, and clear planning.

Ask Why.

Everyone on our team is a strategist. We test, learn, iterate, and grow. Our process is built around understanding the core problem that we’re solving and prescribing a solution based on data. Strategy is never blindly dictated.

Give a Shit.

Work with intention, purpose, and passion; month-to-month contracts keep us engaged with client goals and hungry for success.

Hand-Selected Content Marketing Teams for Each Client

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Optimist is always looking for incredibly talented freelancers

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Introducing Top of Funnel: Optimist's new growth community for content marketing, inbound, and SEO.

Content Marketing Community

Top of the Funnel is a place to learn, network, and share work and referral opportunities.

Join hundreds of strategists, writers, designers, analysts, managers, and content marketers in our free growth community for all things content marketing, inbound, and SEO.

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Full-service engagements start at $10,000/mo.


Strategic Content Marketing: A Recipe for Growth

Strategic Content Marketing: A Recipe for Growth

Content marketing without a strategy is a lot like throwing spaghetti at a wall. (Stay with me here.) When you're cooking spaghetti, one way to tell if it's done is--supposedly--to simply fling the noodles at the wall. If the pasta doesn’t stick, it's said to need...

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Tackling Mental Health For Distributed Teams

Tackling Mental Health For Distributed Teams

Even the greatest strengths, especially when they get over-used, eventually perform as weaknesses. One thing to love about remote work is the (relatively) no-drama, no-bullshit work environment. I rarely engage with my colleagues about religion, politics, family...

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