SaaS Content Contenders: 16 of the Best SaaS Content Marketing Agencies in the Business

SaaS content marketing isn’t just about updating your blog once in a while. 

(At least, strategic content marketing isn’t.)

From research, strategy, and ideation to writing, designing, and distribution, there is a ton of work that takes place behind the scenes to bring effective content marketing to life.

But what if you’re ready to scale your SaaS business through content marketing and don’t have the time, expertise, or humanpower to do it all on your own?

The good news is that you can invest in SaaS content marketing that grows your business without trying to do it all on your own. (Phew!) 

If you just breathed a huge sigh of relief, then a content marketing agency could be the perfect strategic partner for you and your SaaS team.

But here’s the catch: While there are loads of content marketing agencies to choose from, most of them aren’t a perfect fit for the majority of SaaS businesses.

To help you cut through the noise, we’ve compiled this list of the top SaaS content marketing companies in the business.

The Best Content Marketing Agencies for SaaS

To fully reap the rewards of partnering with a content marketing agency, you’ll need to choose one that best aligns with your content needs and goals.

For instance, some agencies are full-service partners while others are production focused. Likewise, some of them specialize in SEO-focused content while others lean towards thought leadership.

So, before we take a closer look at why you should consider working with one of these agencies, here’s a visual overview to help you understand what they can offer you:

Overview of choosing a content marketing agency that best aligns with your content needs and goals
  • Optimist: The Best SaaS Content Marketing Agency for Growth Strategy
  • Accelerate Agency: Best AI-Powered Content Marketing Agency 
  • Animalz: Best for Technology Thought Leadership Content
  • Campfire Labs: Best for Story-Driven Content
  • Codeless: Best for Content Production
  • Content Allies: Best for Podcast Creation
  • Flying Cat Marketing: Best for Full-Service SaaS SEO
  • Omniscient Digital: Best for B2B Software Content Strategy
  • Refine Labs: Best for Demand Generation
  • Simple Tiger: Best for B2B Search Marketing
  • Single Grain: Best for Full-Service Digital Marketing
  • Uplift Content: Best for Content Writing and Lead Generation Materials
  • Additional Agencies to Consider: Bay Leaf Digital, Growfusely, Ironpaper, NoGood

1. Optimist: The Best SaaS Content Marketing Agency for Growth Strategy

Optimist: The Best SaaS Content Marketing Agency for Growth Strate

Optimist is a growth-focused content marketing agency. We specialize in helping SaaS brands and B2B startups achieve massive organic growth through strategic content marketing.

Our specialty: Product-led content marketing for growth-stage startups.

Great fit for:

  • Product-led SaaS.
  • SaaS brands interested in building a long-term growth channel through search (SEO).

Not a good fit for:

  • Sales-led SaaS.
  • Deep, technical topics that require ultra-high subject matter expertise.
  • Companies looking mostly for brand awareness or thought leadership content.

What Makes Optimist Different from Other Content Marketing Agencies?

Wondering if Optimist is the right content marketing agency for you? Here’s what makes us stand out from the crowd:

We’re Full-Service SaaS Content Marketers

We provide everything you need for effective SaaS content marketing that builds your audience and drives conversions. This includes: 

  • Content Marketing Strategy: Every client engagement begins with industry research and competitive analyses that form the backbone of our content marketing strategies.
  • Content Writing: Our professional writers create and edit high-quality content tailored to your audience.
  • Content Design: Our designers create original graphics, design data visualizations, and source photography as needed for each piece of content.
  • Content Management: We provide ongoing content management (including uploading, formatting, and publishing articles) on your CMS of choice.
  • Promotion: We get your brand in front of the right audience through content promotion (non-paid), white-hat linkbuilding, community outreach, and content syndication.

We Understand SaaS Buyers

With decades of experience growing B2B SaaS companies, the Optimist team has deep knowledge of the type of content your future customers are searching for at every stage of the buyer’s journey. This allows us to develop effective content strategies designed to serve up ICP-targeted content at exactly the right time.

We Build Sustainable Growth Engines for SaaS

Effective content marketing isn’t just about building an audience; it’s also about qualifying, retaining, educating, and motivating that audience to take action. 

At Optimist, we think of SaaS content marketing as a long-term investment in lead generation and customer acquisition. That’s why we employ a full-service, full-funnel approach to SaaS content marketing that helps you reach qualified leads at every stage of the funnel.

We’ll help your business grow by strategizing, creating, and promoting content to generate clicks and conversions for your SaaS product.

SaaS Content Marketing Framework

We Work as an Extension of Your Team

We do our best work when partnered with an individual from your team (usually a marketing director or CMO/ CEO). 
When you partner with Optimist, we form a custom team of specialists with the skills and experience needed to design and execute your content marketing strategy. Our team is made up of senior-level strategists, writers, designers, and promotional experts.

Optimist works as an extension of your team

We Practice What We Preach

Our entire agency is driven by the power of organic traffic and inbound leads—all of which were generated through content marketing on our website. And considering that we’ve generated $4MM to date (including $1.5MM in sales revenue during our first year), we’d say it’s working out pretty well.

Optimist pricing: Full-service engagements start at $10,000/mo.

Notable clients: We’re super proud of what we’ve accomplished with clients like HelloSign, Submittable, and Contentstack. Check out our content marketing case studies to get a full sense of the work we’ve done with some of our favorite SaaS clients.

Optimist is ideal for SaaS businesses looking to invest in growing organic channels and generating qualified inbound traffic, leads, and conversions.

Think we might be a great fit? Awesome! We’d love to hear from you.

2. Accelerate Agency: Best AI-Powered Content Marketing Agency

Accelerate Agency

Accelerate Agency is a high-end SEO agency that helps SaaS businesses launch large-scale outreach and link building. Their team includes over 40 researchers, writers, designers, and strategists with SaaS experience.

Specialty: AI-powered search engine optimization (with content baked into the process).

Services offered: They handle strategy, ideation, creation, and distribution for a huge range of content types, including articles, eBooks, user stories, social media, FAQs, and more.

What makes them unique: They stand out by incorporating AI-powered insights into their SEO strategy and SaaS marketing campaigns.

Quick stats + facts:

  • Agency Size: Large (160+ employees)
  • Locations: Bristol, U.K. and Mountain View, U.S.
  • Notable Clients: PandaDoc, RingCentral, and Brightpearl.

Accelerate Agency pricing: Businesses must contact them to book a consultation before receiving a quote. Rates vary based on requirements and scope; however, reviews from happy customers suggest a minimum project spend of $10,000 up to $50,000 for ongoing work.

A good option for: Businesses that need digital strategy, AI-powered SEO, link building, and content.

Perhaps not a great match if:

  • You’re looking to make a smaller investment.
  • You require clear pricing upfront to get buy-in from your boss.

You want to know exactly what’s included before booking a meeting.

3. Animalz: Best for Technology Thought Leadership Content


Animalz is a distributed content marketing agency that caters to SaaS companies and startups. They’ve worked with some of the top brand names in tech, like Google, Intercom, and GoDaddy.

What makes them unique: They are much more focused on thought leadership (or “movement-first” content), rather than SEO or product-led content.

Services offered: Content audits, content strategy, long-form SaaS content creation, and product marketing.

Quick stats + facts:

  • Headquarters: New York, NY
  • Team Location: Global, distributed
  • Specialty: Thought leadership content for SaaS companies.

Animalz pricing: Not listed on their website. However, the contact form on their home page asks prospective customers to select a budget range with the lowest option of “below $10,000” per month. This suggests plans likely start at around $10,000 per month with custom pricing based on client needs.

A good option for: SaaS companies that want to build authority and brand awareness through long-form, opinionated content.Perhaps not a great match if: You’re looking for product-led, SEO-driven content marketing.

4. Campfire Labs: Best for Story-Driven Content

Campfire Labs

Campfire Labs is an agency that specializes in long-form content creation.

Unlike many of the other content marketing agencies on our list, Campfire Labs focuses on narrative-driven content over SEO. They work with SaaS brands as a production partner and create everything from customer stories to podcasts to original eBooks and reports.

Specialty: Long-form narrative content based on original research and interviews.

What makes them unique: Campfire Labs is a self-described social enterprise—and they walk the walk. Not only are they dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, but they also donate 50% of profits to climate action.

Services offered: Long-form content creation, including thought leadership, original research, eBooks, blog posts, and case studies.

Quick stats + facts:

  • Location: Distributed, global
  • Notable Clients: Clearbit, Dropbox, Asana

Campfire Labs pricing:

  • $15K minimum for one-off projects.
  • $5-10K per month for recurring projects and retainers (for example, 2-4 blog posts per month).

A good option for: Anyone who wants a reliable production partner to create long-form content based on interviews and original research (without an emphasis on SEO).Perhaps not a great match if: You need a full-service content marketing agency, rather than just a production partner.

5. Codeless: Best for Content Production


Codeless is a large marketing agency catering to SaaS and service brands. Their approach combines SEO, strategy, writing, design, and video.

Specialty: SEO, content marketing, and PR.

What makes them unique: Their writers are subject-matter experts who can create a range of content types, including SEO-optimized blog posts, thought leadership pieces, in-depth articles, and video content.

Services offered:

  • Volume content production.
  • SEO-optimized content.

Quick stats + facts:

  • Location: Worldwide, Remote
  • Notable Clients:, Zapier, and ActiveCampaign.

Codeless pricing: Custom plans start at $7500 per month, but range depending on how much content output you’re looking for. Prices go up to $40,000 per month for their largest package.

A good option for: SaaS and service brands that want a high volume of SEO content to build topical authority at scale. Software companies looking for various types of content.

Perhaps not a great match if: You want full-service content marketing right out of the gate. Their base plan doesn’t appear to involve content promotion, so it may not be the best option if you’re looking for full-service content marketing that goes beyond content creation.

6. Content Allies: Best for Podcast Creation

Content Allies

If you’ve ever wanted to launch your own podcast, then you’ll love what they’re doing over at Content Allies. They focus on helping SaaS businesses create and promote podcast content. They also produce their own podcast, Leaders of B2B Podcast, on which they interview B2B executives.

Specialty: Podcasting for B2B SaaS.

What makes them unique: As the only option on our list that focuses exclusively on podcasting, Content Allies offers inroads to a unique marketing channel that SaaS businesses might not otherwise consider.

Services offered: Content Allies helps produce and market podcasts for B2B businesses. This includes everything from ideation and research to audio production and promotion. They even help with booking interviews, outreach, and scheduling guests to speak on the show.

Content Allies helps produce and market podcasts for B2B businesses

Quick stats + facts:

  • Agency Size: Medium (20+ team members)
  • Location: Colorado Springs, U.S
  • Notable Clients: Meta, Gusto, and

Content Allies pricing: You’ll have to contact Content Allies for details. But according to a blog post on founder Jake Jorgovan’s website, pricing starts at $3k per month. 

A good option for: Content Allies is perfect for anyone who’s ever wanted to launch their own B2B podcast but doesn’t know where to start.

Perhaps not a great fit if: The most obvious sign Content Allies might not be the best content agency for your SaaS business? You’re not looking to break into the podcasting market.

7. Flying Cat Marketing: Best for Full-Service SaaS SEO

Flying Cat Marketing

Flying Cat Marketing is an SEO-focused content marketing agency. They provide full-service SEO strategy and content creation for SaaS products and brands, often incorporating customer interviews and audience outreach into the process.

Specialty: SaaS SEO strategy and SEO-driven content.

What makes them unique: Flying Cat Marketing offers multilingual content for global brands.

Services offered: SEO, content strategy, and content writing for B2B SaaS.

Quick stats + facts:

  • Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain
  • Team location: Distributed, global
  • Notable clients: Active Campaign, Hotjar, and Operto

Flying Cat Marketing pricing: Plans for content only start at $13,500/month, while full-service SEO offerings range from $11,965-$22,900/month.

A good option for: B2B SaaS businesses looking to outsource SEO strategy and/or SEO content.

Perhaps not a great match if: You’re not too interested in the SEO aspect of content marketing or you’re looking more for thought leadership content.

8. Omniscient Digital: Best for B2B Software Content Strategy

Omniscient Digital

Omniscient Digital is a full-service content marketing agency that helps software companies attract leads and customers through strategic content. They offer content strategy development as a one-off package, but also provide implementation and content production for clients who sign a monthly retainer.

Specialty: Content strategy for B2B software products.

Quick stats + facts:

  • Location: Distributed, global
  • Notable clients: AppSumo, Lokalise, and Jasper

Omniscient Digital pricing:

  • Content strategy development starting at $12K.
  • Content production plqnw starting at $8K/month.

A good option for: Established B2B software businesses.

Perhaps not a great match if: Omniscient’s website suggests they don’t work with companies that don’t yet have an active blog—or businesses with a site domain rating below 30.

9. Refine Labs: Best for Demand Generation

Refine Labs

Refine Labs is a full-service SaaS marketing agency. Rather than emphasizing lead generation through content alone, Refine Labs helps businesses build a scalable sales funnel to keep their pipeline full.

Specialty: SaaS demand generation.

What makes them unique: Their content amplification service includes optimizing content and distribution strategies for dark social. 

Quick stats + facts:

  • Agency Size: Large (80+ employees)
  • Refine Labs Pricing: Plans start at $20,000 per month.
  • Notable SaaS clients: Algolia, Skuid, and Vena.

Best for: Full-service SaaS marketing. Although Refine Labs isn’t positioned as purely a content marketing agency, their full-service marketing involves content creation and amplification. 

Perhaps not a great fit if:

  • You don’t yet have product-market fit.
  • You don’t have the budget to hire a full-service marketing company.

10. Simple Tiger: Best for B2B Search Marketing

Simple Tiger

Simple Tiger is a B2B marketing agency focused exclusively on SaaS marketing. Their 4-part SEO strategy comprised keyword research, a technical audit of your website, content strategy, and offsite SEO strategy.

Quick Facts:

  • Location: Sarasota, U.S.
  • Specialty: Marketing for B2B SaaS.
  • Simple Tiger pricing: Contact their team for a proposal.
  • Notable clients: JotForm, Segment, and ContractWorks

What they do well: Simple Tiger’s services include paid ads, keyword research, technical optimization, content marketing, link building—which makes them a good option for SaaS businesses that want a well-rounded SEO strategy.

Perhaps not a great fit if: You’re not looking for PPC or technical SEO for your site.

11. Single Grain: Best for Full-Service Digital Marketing

Single Grain

Single Grain is a digital marketing agency that works with both B2B and B2C brands. They offer everything from SEO and content marketing to paid ads and landing page design.

Quick Facts

  • Location: Miami, U.S.
  • Single Grain pricing: Contact for rates. Minimum project size $10,000+/month.
  • Notable clients: Uber, Lyft, Airbnb

What makes them unique: Single Grain isn’t a strictly SaaS content marketing agency. Instead, they offer full-scale digital marketing and content marketing services for B2B and B2C brands. 

Best for: Their full-scale approach makes Single Grain a good option for brands that want to hire a single agency to handle a range of ad services (like PPC and LinkedIn ads) on top of SEO and content marketing. 

Perhaps not a great fit if:

  • You want to work with an agency that focuses on content marketing exclusively
  • You want transparent pricing without booking a consultation.

12. Uplift Content: Best for Content Writing and Lead Generation Materials

Uplift Content

Uplift Content is a SaaS content writing agency that creates blog posts, ebooks, white papers and case studies. Their writers weave together the power of storytelling and research to create engaging content and sales collateral for software-as-a-service (SaaS) brands.

Quick stats + facts:

  • Agency size: Small (20 team members)
  • Notable clients: ClickUp and WalkMe.
  • Specialty: SaaS content writing.

What makes them unique: In addition to their SaaS expertise, many of Uplift Content’s writers have backgrounds in journalism.

Services offered:

  • Blog posts
  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Case studies

Uplift Content pricing: Prices vary by project type and the level of service desired. For example, starting rates for white papers and eBooks range from $1,500 (for a “Standard” service) to $4,500 (for the “White glove” service).

Best for: Uplift Content is a great option for SaaS companies that want to partner with a small but mighty team of expert writers for specific projects.

Perhaps not a great fit if:

  • You’re not a B2B SaaS company.
  • You’re looking for a full-service agency.
  • You’re looking for a one-off piece of content.

Additional SaaS Content Marketing Agencies to Consider

If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, here are a few more content marketing agencies to check out:

13. Bay Leaf Digital

Bay Leaf Digital is a SaaS-specific content marketing agency that helps businesses create SEO-friendly content.

Services include: Full-service digital marketing.

14. Growfusely

Formerly known as The 20 Media, Growfusely is an SEO and content marketing agency that helps create thought leadership content for SaaS businesses. They also perform technical SEO and can help clients run email marketing and social campaigns.

Services include: SEO consulting, digital PR, and content marketing.

15. Ironpaper

B2B marketing agency Ironpaper uses content marketing to increase engagement, educate readers, and inspire potential customers to take action.

Services include: Content is just one part of their growth engine—which also consists of ABM, sales content, paid channels, sales, etc. So, Ironpaper might be a good fit for companies looking to outsource more than just content marketing.

16. NoGood

NoGood offers a huge range of growth marketing services across various channels—from TikTok to paid ads to email and video marketing. Content marketing and SEO are just part of the full-service marketing they offer. (Whether this is a pro or con depends on the type of help you’re looking for and what your marketing team plans to handle in-house.)

Services include: NoGood does everything from building landing pages and customer research to performance branding and market analysis. 

How to Choose the Right SaaS Content Marketing Agency for Your Business

If you’ve gotten this far, you’ve seen that there are loads of content marketing agencies to choose from—but not all of them are created equal. In fact, we’d argue that most agencies are not the best fit for every kind of SaaS business. 

Depending on your goals, timeline, and resources, you want to choose an agency that best fits your specific needs. 
So, how do you know which one is the best choice for your SaaS product? Here are a few of the most important considerations to keep in mind when making your choice:

Top considerations when hiring a SaaS content marketing agency

Agency Track Record (AKA Case Studies & Testimonials)

A content marketing agency’s track record can tell you a lot about the type of results you can expect from them. 

Look at their past clients to see if they’ve worked with businesses similar to yours. Read through case studies to find out what kind of results they’ve achieved and check out testimonials to see what previous clients are saying about them.

Price Point 

There’s no point in wasting your time contacting agencies who don’t work within your budget. Be realistic with yourself (and the agency) about what you can afford and how much you’re willing to invest in great content to ensure you find a good fit.

Find out whether they offer flat rate pricing. Or flexible plans that might adapt to your budget? 

At Optimist, we believe in transparent pricing. We’re vocal about the fact that our plans start at $10,000/month (with increases for greater volume).

Area of Focus + Depth of Expertise

Do they have relevant experience in your industry or niche? Are they a full-service content marketing agency or specialized in one aspect of content creation? As a SaaS business, you should prioritize agencies with demonstrated success growing subscription-based software products.

Optimist, for example, is best suited for SaaS businesses looking to invest in organic growth and generate qualified inbound traffic, leads, and conversions. Other agencies may be a better choice for creating content to boost brand awareness through social distribution or creating thought narrative-based editorial content.

What’s the Role of Content Marketing for SaaS Businesses?

SaaS content marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses strategic content to attract, inform, educate, and convert leads for subscription-based software products.

Content marketing provides value to customers through informative articles, how-to guides, and other forms of digital content, typically published on the company’s blog or website.

As with content marketing efforts in any industry, SaaS content marketing uses digital content—like videos, blog posts, case studies, user stories, and more—to reach target audiences and support defined business goals. 

Whether your aim is to build an email list, boost brand awareness, increase traffic to your product pages, or retarget leads, the right content marketing strategy can help you get there.

Content-driven SaaS growth strategy

Why Should You Hire a SaaS Content Marketing Agency?

Working with a content marketing agency can be a rewarding investment for any business that wants to reach a wider audience, increase web traffic, and improve rankings in search results.

For B2B SaaS businesses, in particular, the right content marketing agency can help you achieve goals that matter most to your business—like attracting qualified leads, increasing trial conversions, and boosting engagement.

The benefits of choosing an agency specialized in SaaS include relevant expertise, experience with the subject matter, and knowledge of the type of content required to move the needle and drive conversions.

Here are some of the top reasons to partner with a B2B SaaS marketing agency to create and execute your content marketing:

Reason #1: You Have Too Much on Your Plate Already

Even if you’re an industry expert with the skills to execute content marketing, there are only so many hours in a day. Planning, writing, and designing high-value, SEO-optimized content takes a great deal of time and effort. And once your content is out there in the world, you need someone to promote it through outreach on relevant channels and link building.

Reason #2: You Want Access to Specialized Expertise

Professional content marketers can create content that attracts the right kind of customers who are looking for a SaaS product just like yours. Partnering with an agency gives you access to an entire team of experts who know how to create targeted content that drives results. 

Reason #3: You’re Ready to Invest in Long-Term Growth

You’re probably expecting a hard sell about how content marketing is the magic formula for your SaaS business. Well, that’s not the case. There’s no magic involved in growth hacking. SaaS content marketing is hard, time-consuming work—but it is highly effective when done well.

If you want to grow your organic traffic through content marketing, the first step is acknowledging that results don’t happen overnight. 

Investing in sustainable growth can benefit your business long-term in so many ways, including:

  • Building website authority. Publishing high-value content relevant to your product helps search engines recognize that you’re an expert in your field—which means better odds of ranking higher in SERPs. 
  • Earning backlinks. Partnering with an established content agency (with established relationships with distribution partners) helps you to earn high-value backlinks and other opportunities for content promotion.
  • Generating qualified leads. Some agencies (like Optimist) produce strategic content for potential buyers at different stages of the funnel. Through a combination of lead magnets, product-led content, and strategic CTAs, we can help you attract, qualify, and engage relevant leads.

Partner with SaaS Content Marketers Who Go Beyond Content

Looking for a full-stack SaaS content marketing agency that is serious about driving growth? We’d love to chat about how we can help your SaaS business build a scalable growth strategy.

Let’s find out if Optimist is the right agency for you—get in touch today.

Emily Bauer

Emily Bauer is a writer with Optimist who has been helping businesses craft engaging, growth-focused content for the past eight years. She loves working with startups and small businesses in the tech, travel, and marketing space, and especially loves her Corgi, Wilbert.