The SaaS Content Marketing Agency that Understands User Acquisition

Software has eaten the world.

(At least, software created by companies that hire the right SaaS content marketing agency.)

While the world of SaaS has exploded, so has the competition and complexity of the market. Creating a great product is no longer enough to achieve growth and scale.

You need growth. You need an acquisition strategy.

One of the most essential pillars of SaaS growth marketing is building a sustainable funnel that consistently brings in new leads, sales, and users. The world’s largest and fastest-growing SaaS companies use content marketing to fuel growth and scale their business.

Optimist helps SaaS companies build an inbound acquisition strategy with a combination of content marketing and SEO.

Our team has decades of combined experience helping SaaS companies attract targeted prospects, convert traffic into leads and signups, and scale user acquisition.

Here’s how we do it.

SaaS Content Marketing & SEO

The key strategy that drives most successful SaaS companies is SEO.

It’s a scalable strategy that attracts prospective buyers at the most relevant points in their buyer’s journey — when they’re looking for solutions, seeking answers, or shopping directly for a software that offers the features and functionality that they need.

You want your SaaS company to show up each time someone searches for a product like yours. And, ideally, you don’t want to pay every time someone clicks your link (sorry PPC). 

But, SEO in the modern, competitive world of SaaS marketing is not as simple as slapping a few keywords on your homepage and hoping for the best. You need to invest in all of the moving parts that make SaaS SEO successful. That’s content marketing.

Sustainable SaaS growth is powered by SEO, and SEO is powered by content marketing.

These strategies go hand in hand.

To rank for high-intent, high-conversion keywords, you need content marketing that builds links, authority, and trust. To drive targeted, qualified traffic to your site, you need great content that’s optimized around a clear SEO strategy.

Content Marketing and SEO framework example

But, there’s good news.

Optimist can help. We specialize in building growth-focused content marketing strategies that combine essential SEO best practices with proven inbound marketing frameworks.

We use content marketing and SEO to drive SaaS growth throughout the funnel.

Attracting SaaS Prospects at the Top of the Funnel

People don’t buy SaaS products because they’re really itching to add another subscription to their credit card bill. They buy because they have a pain point that they need solved. They have a “job” that they need the software to do for them.

We begin our process by defining your buyers and their unique Jobs to Be Done (JTBD).

Using the JTBD framework, we can dig into the needs of your buyers, understand the language that they use, the solutions that your software can provide, and how they search for specific functionality or answers to questions.

This powers our top-of-the-funnel content marketing strategy for SaaS companies.

We use this content to capture and qualify relevant buyers as they are beginning their purchase cycle.

By creating hyper-focused content aimed at bridging the divide between the prospect’s JTBD and your product’s solution, features, or functionality, we can capture buyers at the beginning of the buying process — when they first begin to search and evaluate their needs.

Capturing SaaS Demand at the Middle of the Funnel

As the buyer progresses through the funnel, they begin to look for specific types of products, features, and integrations that match their needs.

Your company needs pages and content that speaks to these buyers, too.

Here, we create content that is specifically designed to rank for terms that signal the buyer is actively looking for specific types of solutions.

This includes breaking down all of the features and use cases of the product, conducting user and keyword research, and building relevant, optimized pages to capture inbound buyers when they are evaluating specific products based on their specific needs.

Acquiring SaaS Users at the Bottom of the Funnel

For the final stage of the funnel, we create content that positions the SaaS product against competitors or alternative solutions.

We want to address buyers who are closest to the buying decision and trying to decide which specific product is right for them.

This is a sophisticated buyer who is likely evaluating a specific set of potential products.

Our goal is to capture these readers at the end of the buying cycle, help them make their final evaluation, and compel them to take action and sign up for the product.

Full-Service Content Marketing for SaaS Companies

Optimist goes beyond what you find with most SEO agencies or content marketing firms.

We’ve not here to compile a bunch of keywords in a spreadsheet and wish you luck. And we don’t just churn out fluffy, junk content to hit an arbitrary publishing quota.

We’re focused on one thing. That’s growth.

Our full-service approach to SaaS content marketing includes a full team of experts with decades of experience growing SaaS companies. We handle all of the moving parts needed to create content, drive traffic, and build an inbound acquisition funnel.

Optimist provides a full-stack content marketing team for each engagement.

Scope of Work

  • Research, strategy, and competitive analysis
  • Ongoing content management
  • Writing and editing
  • Design, data visualization, sourced photography
  • Content promotion (non-paid)
  • Community outreach
  • Content syndication
  • Linkbuilding

How’s This Sound?

We take a comprehensive approach to driving growth and scaling SaaS businesses.

But we’re not the right fit for every company.

Here’s a quick list of ways to evaluate if Optimist is the right SaaS content marketing agency for your needs.

We Could Be a Fit

  • You’re looking for long-term, sustainable growth
  • You’re willing to invest in content marketing and SEO over several months or years
  • You have funding or budget to fund an ongoing partnership 
  • You want a partner who will own and drive the entire content marketing strategy from planning and content production to outreach and promotion

We're Probably Not a Fit

  • You want quick, overnight results
  • You’re shopping for low-quality, mass-produced, cheap content
  • Your goals include shady, black/gray-hat, bulk linkbuilding

If this sounds like the kind of help you’re looking for, then let’s discuss a partnership.

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