Our Approach
AKA The Optimist Purview on Content Marketing

We approach content marketing a bit differently than most other agencies.

While other agencies may move on as soon as they click publish (we call this the “blog and pray” model, because they’re just praying for results to happen), we know that this almost never works.

And, because we focus on helping our partners achieve actual results rather than just exchange dollars for stuff, we also focus on more than just content creation.

We go beyond content creation to make sure that we’re generating growth and delivering results.

We want to create value.

Strategy first. Then content.

We begin every engagement by first understanding your business and your industry to determine how we can best help you achieve results.

By understanding your specific needs and your core audiences, we are able to understand the channels and content types that will be most effective. This serves as the basis for all of the content that we create–everything working within a cohesive strategy.


It all starts with kick-ass content–but it doesn’t stop there.

Great content is just the start

We know that even if you create the greatest content in the world, it ultimately doesn’t matter unless it’s seen by the right people.

It needs to serve a purpose–to drive search traffic, generate social buzz, or raise your site’s domain authority.

So we develop outreach and promotion strategies for every piece of content we create to make sure it works as hard as possible.


Our team carries each piece from the planning/ideation stage through to creation, and on to outreach, promotion, and distribution.

We can also work with your internal team or other partners to do additional distribution or paid promotion.

Everything serves a purpose

Our approach is about maximizing the value of every piece of content that we create. Once we have an understanding of what we need to accomplish, then we develop a plan to create the strategic content assets we need to achieve our goals.

Each piece of content that we create is specifically engineered to work within the strategy and create results.


We create a system of content that works together to drive traffic and results through key channels like search and social.

What’s it like to work with a dedicated team of content & growth experts?

Optimist is a full-service content marketing agency. Get a team of 5 to run your entire content marketing program–from strategy to outreach.

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