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Katherine H.
Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing is always evolving. It’s tough to keep up.

It can feel like you’re living on a treadmill trying to stay on top of the content marketing strategies and tactics that actually work today. What worked last year might be worthless now.

You already know that reading newsletters and resources from experts is a great first step, but finding the time to actually dig in and test theories can feel nearly impossible.

We believe no one should have to put the world of content marketing on their shoulders. Everyone is more successful when they can collaborate in real-time and get advice, ideas, or help.

So, we created Top of the Funnel: a free, premier growth community for the world’s best content marketers.

Giving you confidence in all things content marketing.

Top of the Funnel is our growth community focused on helping each other with all things content marketing. We’ve brought together the best of the best so we can continue to learn, grow, and succeed as a worldwide team.

Top of the Funnel is the place to find exclusive and actionable information around content marketing, SEO, execution, and more.


Round-the-clock access to an elite content clubhouse.

If you’re a content marketing lover, you likely just found your new favorite community. You’ll be able to learn the latest and greatest tactics, collaborate with top-notch content experts, and share meaningful work opportunities.

All. For. Free.

Looking for a new, free tool for SEO pros? Top of the Funnel knows what you need.

Wondering how to start your own content marketing agency? Top of the Funnel has the most helpful do’s and don’ts to get you started.

Need a new ghostwriter to help your company out? Top of the Funnel will help you find the perfect fit for your content marketing needs.

Up close and personal with expert content practitioners.

The Optimist team is full of some of the top content professionals from around the world. Each of us has years of experience, and we’ve worked hard to create a space where we can all learn from each other.

Together, along with our extended networks, we’ve done some pretty cool things with content marketing:

  • We helped an ed-tech startup scale from 0 traffic to over 100,000 organic visits per month—in about 1 year!
  • Applying our own inbound marketing framework, our Optimist team built a $1.5MM inbound pipeline in our first year.
  • We helped HelloSign massively scale inbound traffic and leads with a 1,308% increase in organic growth in just 17 months.
  • Working with Plytix, we drove a 757% increase in their blog traffic in just 20 months. Content marketing and SEO is now their #1 channel for growth.

We’ve always wanted to find a way to share our knowledge and help connect those in our expanded universe with opportunities for growth. Top of the Funnel was born for exactly that reason, and now we’re here to answer your questions and help you grow.

“Imagine a global, digital community of content marketers where people share ideas, learn from each other, and have fun. One where there is no snark. Imagine a global, digital community of experts who enjoy discussing industry news, strategies, technology, and more. No need to imagine – Top of the Funnel on Slack is real! And it has a real fun, growing, and engaged community.”

Mary L.
VP of Content Marketing
Words From Our Members
“I appreciate being a part of the Top of the Funnel community. I have found myself in several direct messages and on phone calls with people who have been really open to sharing and doing what they can to help. I’ve also used some of the advice and articles to help solve problems my company was seeking to solve! I have been around many different iterations of Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Groups and now Slack channels over the years, and this group genuinely has a different vibe that doesn’t seem to be sell, sell, sell but rather one of camaraderie and support.”

Nick J.
Marketing Director
Words From Our Members

We’re uniting the world’s smartest content marketing minds.

Top of the Funnel is a place for connection. It’s a gathering place and training grounds for top-tier content marketing talent.

We’re on a mission to create a community that becomes the go-to source for content marketing job listings and opportunities, client referrals, speaking opportunities, and more. (In fact, Optimist will be sourcing talent directly from this community to join our core team for future client engagements!)

We’re bringing together the world’s greatest writers, designers, strategists, analysts, managers, directors, and everyone else who considers themselves a content marketer.

Whether you’re already a leader in the space, or you’re working on getting there, we’d love for you to join us.

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